We offer a range of upgrade options on some of our product ranges.  If you would like to add any additional options to your safe please contact us for a quotation and a bespoke order.

1.  The following Burton Safes can be purchased in these colours: Jet black, Signal white, Mint turquoise, Ultramarine blue, Pure red, Antique pink.

  • Eurovault Aver S2
  • Eurovault Aver Grade 0-5
  • Firesec 4/60 & 10/60

2.  A choice of lock type:

  • Key lock
  • Mechanical combination
  • Electronic PIN
  • Biometric fingerprint
  • Dual locking (2 types together).

3.  Option of a left hand hinge on the Eurovault range as all safes have a right hand hinge as standard. (Subject to an 8 week lead time and additional charge).

5.  Burton Safes are able to produce custom made safes to suit your specific needs.   Please contact homesafesupermarket.com today to discuss your bespoke safe requirements.

6.  Phoenix Safes can make the following safes in any RAL colour of your choice:

  • Venus
  • Neptune
  • Galaxy
  • Constellation
  • Mercury
  • Elara

7.  Phoenix Safes are available with:

  • Adjustable shelves
  • Extra keys
  • Dual control lock
  • Upgraded lock
  • Deposit facility


Please contact homesafesupermarket.com to enquire about all of the above bespoke options.

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