There are various types of lock available.


Single key

Most safes come with a key lock as standard.  They are usually less expensive than other types of lock. Simple mechanism and low maintenance.  The disadvantages are that you can loose the key or someone could find the key and gain access to the safe.  The key can be damaged or stuck in the lock if used incorrectly.


Electronic PIN code

More expensive than a key lock but you have no key to worry about and cannot be picked open.  Control who has access to the safe.  If you forget your PIN then there will be a master overide or backup key.


Biometric finger print

No need to look after a key and no need to remember a PIN code.  The safe unlocks after scanning your finger.  Can be used in combination with a PIN code for added security or if you injure your finger.


Dual key/PIN

A combination of the above. Two locks to get past so added security.  Also can be used so the safe can only be opened by two people at the same time.


Mechanical combination dial.

Tried and tested lock but can be a bit fiddly for some users.  No need to look after a key but don't forget your combination code!


There are different levels of security with each lock type.  The safe manufacturer will have picked the correct security level of lock type for the security or fire rating of that safe.

Not all safes will be available with all types of lock.  The main choices are either key locking or electronic PIN. 

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