• Carried out by a professional safe installation team.  FREE installation includes the ground floor or other floors with a lift. If you would like your safe installed on an upper or lower floor via stairs then please contact us for a quotation if this option is not available on the product page.
  • It is recommended that safes are bolted to a concrete floor.  Timber floors are not suitable unless it is possible to fix the safe to the floor joist. This can restrict the areas you can position the safe because the fixing holes need to line up with the floor joist.  Timber floorboards are not strong enough.  It is assumed the safe is going to be bolted down to a concrete floor.  If this is not possible then it is up to the customer to check with their insurance provider a suitable alternative.  Installation on a timber floor can be done at the customer own risk. Please inform us on the delivery questionnaire when you check out.
  • Please make sure the area the safe is to be installed is clear of water/gas pipes and electrical cables.  If fixing to the wall please make sure the safe can sit flush with the wall.  This could involve removing any skirting or trim that would prevent this.  It is the customers responsibility to ensure the location of the product is suitable for both the weight and the fixing of the product. homesafesupermarket.com will not be held responsible for any loss, damage or expenses incurred during or as a result of installation of the product.



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