This week in Crypto 07/09/18

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This Week in Cryptocurrency: September 7, 2018

this week in crypto sept 7 2018

You Spin Me Right ‘Round Baby Right ‘Round

After some healthy, steady growth over the last two and half weeks, the cryptocurrency market threw us for a tizzy, dropping nearly 16 percent in one day at the end of this week. The overall market fell from ~$224.5B to ~$205B over the course of the week. Speculators claim that the drop was caused by news of Goldman Sacks scrapping plans for a dedicated cryptocurrency terminal (later proved false). However, no one knows for certain.

Let’s check in on the top coins:

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Bitcoin was the top ‘performer’ only dropping 6.99% since last Friday.

Ethereum gets demolished once again, falling 20.67% to just over $222.

XRP also sees double-digit red in its 11.41% freefall.

Link to full article -  https://coincentral.com/this-week-in-cryptocurrency-september-7-2018/

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