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The insurance rating is a limit on the contents value the safe will protect up to.  It is a measure of how hard the safe is to break into. 

So a  £6000 cash rated safe will have been manufactured to withstand more of an attack than a £2000 cash rated safe.  The higher the insurance rating the better the construction of the safe will be.  The high security safes will have harder concrete and thicker steel than the lower security or budget safes.

It is a way of measuring the quality of the safe.  By rating the value of the contents it can protect.

The valuables rating is just the cash rating multiplied by 10.

It is important to check with your home insurance provider to see which safes they will cover and what rating you might require.  All the safes that are AIS approved have been approved by the Association of Insurance Surveyors and should be covered by your home insurance provider.  You still need to check with your insurance provider.

​You should note that different insurance companies ratings vary and higher or lower cover can sometimes be applied depending on the individual circumstances of a property. If it is important you should always check with your insurance company before purchasing a safe.

Eurograde safes are tested to EN 1143-1 and are made to the highest quality.  They range from grade 0 - 7.

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