1. Which home safe is right for me?

With so much choice available it can be daunting trying to choose the correct safe for your own specific requirements.  You need to filter through all the possible choices to determine exactly what you need.  It can be confusing but we are here to help make it easier for you.


    Just answer the questions below to determine the correct safe for you.....

      • 1. What are your valuables worth? What do you want to protect?

       This will help you choose which insurance rating you need.  (e.g.  £1,000 cash/£10,000 valuables)?  Choose a value that will cover the total cost of replacement of your cash or valuables.  This is a monetary value that insurance companies use to rate the quality of the safe.  The safe will protect cash or valuables up to this amount.


      The valuables rating is just the cash value X10.  e.g. £4000 cash = £40,000 valuables cover.  The insurance rating is £4000 cash/£40,000 valuables.  The safe is built to protect cash amounts or valuables up to this amount.


      Identifying what the contents of your safe will be, also helps you decide what size safe you need to fit everything in.



            2. What do you want to protect the contents from? Fire, theft, both....?

                This will determine if your safe needs to have a fireproof rating.  This is a rating of how long the safe will protect the contents for in the event of a fire.   30 mins, 60 mins, 90 mins or 120 minutes of protection for either paper or digital media.


            3. Where would you like to install the safe?  In a wardrobe, kitchen unit, underfloor, upstairs?

                This will help to decide the type, size and weight.  If you want your safe upstairs, can your floor support it if it weighs 400kg+?  What size can you fit it under the stairs?    Would you prefer a hidden safe in the floor?


            4. Which type of lock do you prefer?

                  Digital PIN, fingerprint?


      Once you know the type cash rating, fire rating, size and lock type of your safe all you then need to decide on is the price range........easy!!

      If you need any advice choosing the correct safe please do not hesiate to contact us


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